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A Swedish Startup May Have Just Created an Endless Energy System

Exeger, a Swedish deep tech company, is manufacturing a unique environmentally friendly material that could change forever the way we interact with electronic devices.

“Seems like nothing new”, you may be thinking. You’re right, this invention is way beyond “new”.

It’s revolutionary.

The secret behind it lies in the invention of a completely new type of patented dye-sensitized photovoltaic nano-material, named Powerfoyle.

This nano-material, unlike traditional solar cells that require a large surface area and are optimized for outdoor use only, is specifically engineered to generate power out of any ambient light, natural or artificial.

Inspired by nature’s photosynthesis, the company has been working on solar cell material for over twelve years, and it has recently started to input its revolutionary invention on the market by collaborating with various tech giants.

“We promise to greatly enhance any consumer electronic product performance it is merged with, extending the product’s life or even gracing it with eternal battery life”.

The mini solar cells are printed (using normal printers) onto different types of material and can be applied to an endless range of areas due to their flexible nature.

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The manufacturing process of Powerfoyle (Image: Bold Scandinavia)

You don’t even notice it’s there: it’s hidden tech. You’re not relying on the grid anymore. And by doing what you normally do any way you’re helping the planet.

In this way, the Swedish company is now paving the way for a whole new category of sustainable products that will transform how electronics fit into our everyday lives.

The innovation process that led to this new disruptive invention is usually called a “biomimicry process”: taking inspiration from natural processes, humankind has succeeded over the years in creating incredible technologies. Like this new one.

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The carbon positive start-up has first partnered with Harman to release self-charging headphones, the JBL Reflect Eternal, to be released later this year, and has recently announced a new partnership with Swedish sporting goods company POC to produce safety helmets.

Exeger has created something that could have an enormous impact on people’s lives and the environment, hassle-free self-powered devices that charge from any light around you. No more charging, no more cables.

In a nutshell, the holy grail for electronic devices.

The concept has to have a global impact or I’m not interested — it has to make a difference.

Giovanni Fili, Exeger CEO

Article by Brando Coleman

A trusted filter on the world we live in from a creative collective perspective.

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