The Darker Side Of The Virus

Racketeers are selling fake Covid19 vaccines in the form of “blood and saliva from a coronavirus survivor” on the Dark Web.

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Photographer: China Photos/Getty Images AsiaPac

Criminals are seeking to exploit public fear by pretending to create and sell products that claim to be virus tests or vaccines. Other items on sale include rapid COVID-19 test kits, temperature detectors, and even a coronavirus vaccine.

Blood Bags
Blood Bags
Blood bags in a Chinese hospital

“The limited availability of coronavirus testing leads to demand for such products in black markets,” says a report from IntSights, a global intelligence firm. “In all likelihood, however, these ‘products’ are in no way real, and buyers would be scammed out of their money.”

The global coronavirus pandemic is creating a whole new movement of hackers, cybercriminals, scammers, and state-sponsored groups.

These people are all taking full advantage of the dramatic situation to gain a foothold inside secure government networks, and trick people into disclosing personal information, handing over their money, and buying fake items.

Register websites using names like “corona” or “covid” to trick victims into thinking they are official domains is one of their most popular tactics. There’s been an exponential rise in the number of domains registered using these terms.

In the whole of 2019, only 190 domains were registered using the words “corona” and “covid.”

In March of 2020 alone, this number topped 38,000.
(source: IntSights / The Cyber Threat Impact of COVID-19 to Global Business)

Even though some of the sites are legitimate, many are being used by criminals to lure unsuspecting victims to hand over their personal information or even their money.

While it may seem obvious to most people that this is a hollow threat, it will work on some.

“These types of fear tactics work on a vulnerable population of people during a frightening pandemic. Threat actors use these fear tactics because they work.”

The effects of the virus are becoming countless, not only in scientific terms anymore. In fact, this pandemic is also creating radical and disruptive changes within the social and economic layers of society, resulting in the creation of two main groups of people: the first one made by those individuals that during difficult times bring out the best of their energy and spirit; the second one made by those who bring out the worst.

We at CAPSLOCK Magazine believe to be part of the first group.

In these uncertain times, sharing only verified and truthful information it’s a duty more than ever before.

Article by Giulio Vescovi

A trusted filter on the world we live in from a creative collective perspective.

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